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Deadline for YTS2011 is ended

All current students of architecture at any COA authorized school in India are elibible. Each eligible student can make one proposal per scholarship year.
Past winners / finalists of YTS are NOT eligible to participate again.
The focus area cannot be related to:

"Chola Temple Architecture" YTS 2007/8 winner
"Mughal architecture" YTS 2009 winner.

"Auroville Architecture" YTS 2009 runners-up.
"Rajasthani Architecture" YTS 2010 winner.
"Gujarat Islamic Architecture" YTS 2010 runners-up.

First Stage
Requirements (by the Feb 15th 2011 deadline) for stage one:
1. Register here first. (deadline ended)
2. Visit this page and get your registration number. (You need this number to send your application - see below)
3. Download application form in Microsoft PPT file from here. (If you dont have Microsoft Office, you could use the free open office program to complete the application.
4. Complete the application per the requirements. (A sample filled in application form in PDF format is available here.)
5. Create a PDF of your application. The size of the PDF cannot be bigger than 5 MB. You should edit / resize your images to make the PDF size less than 5 MB.
6. Email the completed application form in PDF format to "". You have to send only the PDF file. Any other file format is unacceptable.
The status of your entry will be updated here. If you dont see your entry updated even after 72 hours of submitting it, please contact us.
If the total number of applications exceeds 10, a first set of jury will shortlist the number of entries to 10.
The second jury will pick two finalists out of the shortlisted 10 entries. Both the finalists will be awarded t
he first installment of the scholarship (INR 2500).

Second Stage
You need to be one of the First Stage Finalists to participate in this stage. Requirements for this stage include:

If you are one of the finalists, you have to confirm that the pictures that comprised your entry are indeed photographed by you and have to agree to the following:

  1. You will complete the second stage of the scholarship and all necessary requirements based on your proposed focus area. The second stage should be completed within the scheduled deadline.
  2. You will submit (by the scheduled deadline) to YTS and the NITT - Department of Architecture coordinator Prof. Rajendra Babu each a compact disc or DVD that contains:
    • Atleast 100 digital pictures (JPG format, not less than 8 mega pixels each) taken during your travel.
    • These pictures should be named per the convention: (For eg. “TajMahal Front side View Agra.jpg” or "LIC building Curtain wall detail Delhi.jpg" or "Sangath Front Elevation Ahmedabad.jpg"). All information (your contact, architect name, year of construction, etc.) should be placed in the file property summary field.
    • A one page information sheet in txt or doc format about the places your covered, general description of the architecture, where and how to get more information, etc. and also your contact information - email / phone / permanent address.
  3. You will agree to allow the YTS to display / exhibit the photos (online as well as in print format) for academic purposes or use it in any other way for NON commercial uses. You will be credited appropriately for all of your pictures.
  4. You will grant the “Attribution + Noncommercial (by-nc)” licence for all the pictures submitted per "". In a nutshell, this license means that anyone using your photos will attribute credits to you & they cannot use them for commercial purposes and any alteration to the photos will have be distributed under the same or similar license.
  5. You will give a slide presentation on your travel at your Department / School of Architecture, after you complete the second stage. The exact date and time of the presentation should be finalized with your staff coordinator.
  6. You will upload all the pictures taken during your travel to the YTS website so that the Jury can decide the winner. More information on uploading the pictures will be given to you later.
  7. You agree to give feedback on this YTS program so that we can refine the process.

Decision taken by Nicholas Iyadurai will be final on any matters relating to the scholarship.
Upon successful completion of the second stage, the winner will be selected by the jury based on their uploaded photographs or presentation. The winner will get an award of INR 5000 and the runner-up INR 2500.

Yathrai Travel Scholarship
Bangalore, India