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1.What are the selection criteria?
Like any other ‘design’ oriented competition, your entry will be judged ‘subjectively’. The subjective factor could vary from juror to juror. Your attached photos should demonstrate your ability to record architecture in digital format.

2.What is the selection / evaluation procedure?
a. You enter your information in an online form and then you submit your photos by email via an preformatted form.
b. The Jurors go over the entries and grade them on a scale of 1 to 100.
c. The entries that receive the top two grades are the finalists. The finalists are awarded a part of the scholarship.
d. The finalists travel and photo document. They submit a CD full of photos and give a presentation. Their photos are further evaluated and the winner is selected.

3.Can I send any 5 digital photographs along with the entry form?

Yes, you can send any 5 photos. But the photographs should be on architecture. (no pictures of snakes!) However, you must have taken these photographs yourself and you should have full copyright over these photos. You should not submit photographs taken by others.

4.Is there any entry fee?
No. As long as you are a registered student of architecture in India, you are eligible to enter.

5.Where do I send my entry?
Follow the process here.

6.How do I know, if my entry form has been received by the YTS?
The status of your entry will be updated here. If you dont see your entry updated even after 72 hours, please contact us.

7.Can I see entries posted by other students?
Yes. After the deadline, all entries will be uploaded into our blog. You can visit the blog to see entries by other students. You can also join our facebook group to keep yourself updated.

8.Can I share the scholarship award with others?
Yes. The scholarship award can be shared. You can even take your brother / sister or parents along with you on the tour.

9.What if I win the award but then decide not to accept it?

Please send an email about this to us as soon as possible. We will redistribute the award to the next best entry.

10.Can I sell the pictures that I photographed during the scholarship tour?
Yes. You retain full copyrights of these pictures and you can sell them. However, you have to allow the YTS to use your pictures for non-commercial purposes free of cost.

11. What happened to the Washington University and Pulitzer Foundation for Arts and Architecture link with YTS?
We found out that we need more funding to make the exhibition happen. We also need more 'photos' in our database to conduct a good photo exhibition. This, also requires a lot of time commitment. So, currently this is on hold.

12. Are there any resources for architectural photography?
You can search the web for resources. Your local library should have some books too. You can also check this presentation on "Photography and Architecture"

13. What happens if there is a dispute?
Decision taken by Nicholas Iyadurai will be final on any matters relating to the scholarship.

Yathrai Travel Scholarship
Bangalore, India